Small-Medium Car - (4,500 Red RPM :: 6,500 Max RPM :: 250 Torque)

This car is Hyunho's unique model and the 1st Korean exclusive one, designed by an italian great master, "Jorniahro". Although main car accessories such as engine could not success in domestic producing, this car has special meaning since it has been first developed with modern processes. As soon as this car released, it became a megahit. Given that this is a stepping stone for the growth of Hyunho and Korean car industry, this is meaningful.

1974 Set :: Red RPM +30, Max RPM +30, Torque +10, Boost Overdrive +10%, Boost Duration +0.2
Store + Quest (Alan Denon Park)

Carrozzeria Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +20%
Bonnet, Roof & Grill: Lv.17 Hypnotic Girl (Yeongdong Bridge)
Headlight & Rear Light: Lv.17 Cold-blooded Young Man (Gangnam Station)

Piemonte Set :: Max RPM +10, Torque +10, Boost Power +30%, Boost Overdrive +24%
Grill: Lv24 Young Zombie (Chonggae5)
Roof, Headlight, Bonnet & Rearlight: ??

Original Set :: Boost Power +10%