RayCity™ ( is a free-to-play online racing MMORPG, (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game) very popular with casual gamers, car enthusiasts and fans of racing games.

Goal of the game

The goal of RayCity is to be fastest and coolest driver in town. By crafting fast engines, gathering useful equipments, collecting body kits, painting/decorating your vehicle, you can customize your ride according to whatever preference you want.

Basic In-game activities

Quest - Various NPCs can be found on the streets of RayCity and they will give you a job when approached. Rewards for completing jobs vary according to level and difficulty. There are also certain quests that requires you to form a party with other players in order to complete them.

Skills - Skills are special moves/passive buffs/active buffs that you can get and they can be acquired by completing certain quests and attaining certain user/car levels.

Bingo - Bingos are like recipes for crafting equipments and they need to be filled up with the proper ingredients before the reward is given. Some bingos have the tendency to fail though.

Customization - You can choose whatever part (engine, brakes, steering, tire, booster, gear, etc. ) to fit into your car to make it faster and cooler.

Racing - Races can be held in the racing room for players to pit their skills against other players.

Social - With the help of RayNet (social network for raycity), racers will be always connected to each other.

Guilds - With a guild, you can organize your own club and race with rival clubs to gain control of as many turfs as possible!

Events - There will be fun events for you to participate in that happens everyday.

Basic Controls


Basic Controls