Guild Conquest and Oil Guide

Dear Racers,

Want to know more about the conquest? We have got all the information listed below! Hurry and prepare your guild for the WAR!!!

* Guild system upgrade revision 2
1) New guild basic function and rules
A) Guild Party

1 only Manager or above ranking can invite players to join guild party
2 Guild party max 20 members
3 Non-guild members can also join the party
4 the total amount of non-guild members must not exceed the amount of guild members

(guild members > non-guild members)

B) Newly recruited guild members cannot be dismissed by guild leader within 7days

2) Guild NP WAR

1 By joining [Guild War] from menu of Cool Kong NPC, you can participate in this battle any time
Cool king np war-1-

Cool Kong

2 Guild Party must consist at least 5 members
3 Guild NP WAR starts by automatic matching the participants, and proceeds in the same way as Guild War
4 You can bet 200NP on each turn and the winning team earns ALL the betting NP
Np war fee-1-

Guild war participation.

3) Guild War revised - Conquest War

1 Guild war areas are divided into total of 10 areas
Conquest map-1-

Zone Areas

2 By choosing [Participate AREA N Conquest War] of Cool Kong, you can start the conquest War system
Cool king conquest war-1-


3 The conquest will require guild party size of 10-20' to initialize'
4 Matching
- Cars will be automatically transport to the conquest area
- After that, select [Start Matching] to start the Conquest System
- Check on [Detailed Ranking] to see the current ranking
5 Conquest
- A Joining fee of 100,000 RAINs is needed to participate the conquest war
- Winning the round(s) will let the winning team gets 15 winning points and joining the continuing round(s) for free
- Losing Team will need to pay 200,000 RAINs to challenge again and so on
- At the end of the conquest time(~1hour), the team with most winning points will conquer the Area

4) Conquest System Reward Revised - OIL System

a After conquered an area, enhancement effect is available through GUILD OIL section in Guild tab.
Guild oil-1-


Oil additive-1-


b The purchase of OIL within 1 week will be taxed and send to the area's owner (Guild Leader) through RAYNET mail.
c The tax for each 1L is vary from 25-225, and any changes in new price will be take effect at 00:00 everyday
d The effect of OIL enhancement will last for 90days.
i. If the guild failed to conquer the oil station within 90days, the OIL effect will be lost.
ii. If the station is conquered within these 90days, the period will be reset/initialized
* OIL Station Note:
- Only the conquered Guild can offer the upgraded OIL
- Players can select the OIL(S) from any areas
- Players below level 10 can refill the OIL for free
Oil effect1-1-


Oil reinforce-1-


- RayCitySEA Adminitrator