Sports Car - (4,600 Red RPM :: 6,600 Max RPM :: 100 Torque)

The semi-medium sports car that has been created from a futuristic concept design. It provides a stable driving experience by adapting the full-time 4WD quattro system(Multi-plate Clutch System). The interior decorated with circles and aluminum gives a modern and at the same time sporty feeling with black and grey colours.

Original Set :: -Need Answers-

Hormes Set :: -Need Answers-

Kurne Set :: -Need Answers-
Radiator: ??

Wanta Set :: -Need Answers-
spoiler: lv23 naive soon-jeong (seoul station)

Gotham Set :: -Need Answers-
Skirt: Lv20 The Drawing Student (Sookmyung Women's University)
Spoiler: Lv21 Angry Store Man (Euji2)
Hood: ??
Roof: Lv20 Tired Violet (Sangraemoon)

Parado Set :: -Need Answers-
radiator: lv23 acrylic young man (euji2)

Future Hunter Set :: -Need Answers-
Roof: Lv24 Big Mouth Architectural Designer (Sookmyung Women's University)
Bonnet: Lv24 Battery Young Man (Euji2)
Radiator: Lv24 Bright Girl (Euji5)
Skirt: Lv25 Itaewon Resident (Noksapyeong Station